onsdag den 26. januar 2011

Fashion Trend

spring 2011                  T U R B A N S

The turban is actually a particular Middle Eastern headwear consisting of a long and wide piece of cloth, which is wrapped around your head, perhaps with a brimless hat underneath.

Even though we have been seeing the turban all over the runways. There have not been that many people wearing it on the streets. Actually, I have seen zero wearing it (besides my mum =D).

But if you have the guts to throw yourself into it, then embrace the magic of the turban!

Get some fabric and make sure that the color of the fabric makes you look good. When you get to the point where you are looking for some clothing to match the turban; STAY AWAY FROM THE ALADDIN-LOOK!! You want to look chic and not like a character from Aladdin's world, even though the thought of it is kinda cute, but as an example do not mix it with harem pants. Just play it simple. Turn it up with some slim jeans  and a basic top. It is a statement piece, so let it stand out.

Here is my turban up close.
I chose the orange color to bring out my dark skin.
 Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to tie your own turban.


This trend is seen at Jason Wu, Milly and Issa’s spring 2011 shows 

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