torsdag den 10. februar 2011

Always bet on Black

.. I most certainly do
Black is like my best friend!

I'm a big fan of the raw style. I recently bought some ripped leggins. My plan was actually to make them myself, but while I was trying to kill time I found a pair in an outlet store, fabric, for ridiculously $9. 
You can use them with plenty of different pieces. Last time I wore them, I wanted the leggins to stand out, so I used them together with a simple black dress. To pep up the look I applied red lipstick. 

Besides that I love my ripped leggins, I am also quite crazy for my  new military boots. I bought them on sale for $73 at the mall. I'm not a big fan of over knee boots because I think they make us girls look short (unless you are 6'0 tall). In my eyes, this boots have the perfect length. My legs seem to look way longer!
Another great thing about this boots is the ocean of alternatives; you can wear them with everything from slim jeans to leggins to a short skirt.

Black if worn tastefully is 
the hottest thing in the whole world 
and it is slimming as hell 

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